Natural Scalp and Hair Remedies

Do you have issues with dry scalp, thinning hair, buildup, or just dull hair in general? There are some natural solutions that will help as an alternative to chemical shampoos, conditioners, and clarifiers.

Now that I live in a much drier climate, I’ve had some serious flare ups with my scalp (dry and patchy areas). Although in a pinch, you can use a medicated dandruff shampoo, it doesn’t necessarily treat the underlying problem. You want to take good care of your scalp to ensure hair growth and good condition overall.

Here are a couple of my favorite, natural treatments that you can add to your routine:

Castor Oil

Castor oil is a fantastic scalp pre-treatment (before shampooing). Benefits include; stimulation of scalp (which encourages hair growth), anti fungal, reduced itching and swelling, and general healing of skin disorders. You can apply the oil straight onto your scalp and then shampoo 1-2 times after (condition ends as needed). I generally leave the oil on for an hour or so while I do chores around the house. Since I have finer hair, I shampoo twice and my hair is not greasy after. If you have dry hair, shampooing once is probably enough.

Apple Cider Vinegar

Apple cider vinegar has so many benefits and is one of my favorite hair treatments as a rinse. Benefits include; gentle clarifying (removing buildup without drying your hair), anti bacterial/anti fungal, balances PH, adds incredible shine, stimulates hair growth, and helps close down the cuticle. I usually mix one part cider to 3-4 parts water. Sometimes I add a few drops of essential oils such as tea tree (also anti fungal/antiseptic), vitamin E, and orange oil for a more pleasant smell. I do the rinse after shampooing and before the conditioner.

For more in depth information and other benefits:

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Why Organic Based Color?

I’ve been using organic (herbal based, ammonia free) color for 11 years and haven’t looked back. Why would I if I can achieve the same results without the harsh chemicals of ammonia color? Some have questioned if it works the same or will last. In my personal opinion, I think it works just as well, if not better in most cases.

The problem with ammonia color is that it blasts the cuticle open to accept the color (I’ll get more in depth about this in a future blog). While initially it may seem like the coverage is great, it’s only going to damage the hair over time and oxidize much quicker. In addition to the damage, there’s also the issue of scalp irritation, harsh fumes, and unnecessary added chemicals that may be harmful with continued use. Chemicals like higher quantities of PPD (Paraphenylenediamine), Resorcinol, Parabens, Silicones, to name a few.

That’s why I’ve narrowed my color lines down to those that work well, have the least amount of chemicals possible, while still having a full range of colors and safe lighteners.

Color Herbe (my go to permanent line): is a vegan, biodegradable, ammonia- and cruelty-free herbal hair color gel that contains only very low concentrations of PPD and peroxide. Utilizing vegetal extracts from plants and herbs like rosemary, cinchona, and walnut husk. It’s also Resorcinol, Silicone, and Paraben free. Fantastic grey coverage to boot.

Original Mineral Liquid CCT: is an ammonia-free, vegan, liquid hair color with long lasting, demi-permanent results. Made with nourishing Tasmanian Sea Kelp, Macadamia and Argan Oils, the hair is left glossy, healthy and full of shine. Also free of Resorcinol, Parabens, and PPDs.

O&M lighteners: clay based, ammonia free, lighteners provide gentle on and off the scalp lightening while preserving the integrity of the hair. Nourishing benefits of Avocado and Macadamia Nut Oils and native Australian ingredients Lilly Pilly and Quandong to strengthen and condition through the coloring process.

Now you have an idea of what’s in store if you switch to herbal based, ammonia free color. Fantastic results without the skin irritants and harmful chemicals. Plus healthier, shinier hair. Sounds like a win-win situation to me.






Instagram, Week One Goals, and Hair Inspiration

I’ve really got to up my social media game. I was very fortunate back in New York because I had built a clientele, had a business, and to be honest, I kept the business social media accounts active at a minimum. Meaning, enough to put the business on the map as far as google searches go. It’s easy to get lazy about social media when you already have a clientele. And that clientele was established before social media was the biggest tool for getting your name out there. But here I am in a new city starting over, and I have to admit, I’m freaking out a little. It’s like learning how to date again after being married for 12 years, and finding out you can only meet people on Tinder (which actually might be true). Or something to that effect..

I come from an era as a hair stylist where word of mouth was the best way to build a clientele. I’m sure that’s still one great way to build business, but if you aren’t a part of the social media community, you will definitely fall by the wayside. People research online, read reviews, and make decisions without ever visiting the establishment. And for what I do, it absolutely makes sense that pictures are the best advertisement. So here I am, getting ready to jump full throttle into the world of Instagram. I got advice from a 24 year old salon owner about using hashtags (yes, I didn’t even understand hashtags), and she told me that Instagram is like a game, and if played correctly, you can get a lot of new business. I felt like a dinosaur, but I have to admire someone so young winning the social media game, and a business owner to boot!

So here is my goal for the next week; I will post at least 4 different hair model pictures on my Instagram page. I’ve lined up a few people already (yay!). My focus will be on balayage highlights and styling. Inspiration below:


Wish me luck! Oh.. And follow me on Instagram

New Start

Well, I’m excited to start work again in a brand new city (Denver!). I’ve decided to rent a booth at an adorable, fairly new salon called Carson & Co. I chose this place after some searching because of the amazing chill vibe, and the fact that it’s a collective of stylists who work for themselves. That’s ideal for someone like me who wants to not only maintain my independence, but it enables me to use the color lines that I want to use. For the past 11 years, I’ve grown accustomed to using only colors that are free of ammonia and harsh chemicals, and I’m very happy that I will continue doing so at my new location. People are becoming more aware of what they are putting into their body and it makes sense that this would carry over into skin and hair products. Of course with hair color, nothing is ever perfectly chemical free, but I do my best to select quality color with the least amount of irritants and harsh chemicals. In addition, I use organic and natural based haircare free from parabens, sulfates, and silicones. I look forward to meeting new clients and making beautiful, natural color again!