Interested In Low Maintenance grey blending?

I love that one of the silver linings that came out of the pandemic is that more women have started embracing their grey hair more than before. While it may seem counter intuitive for a colorist like myself to encourage that, I absolutely love evolving clients to grey blending/low maintenance services. I don’t want any of my clients to feel like they’re a slave to 3-4 week coloring, because lets face it, if you have a lot of grey, you see that grow out in even less time than your color appointment. Now, that’s not to say I don’t support you if you’re perfectly fine with that maintenance schedule, but for those who want to know their options, I’m here to offer solutions. Plus, if you’re someone who is allergic to color, grey blending is a great option as well because I can avoid putting color on your scalp.

The picture below is of my lovely client, Amy. She’s someone who is about 75% grey with the heaviest concentration in the front. Amy is a good example of someone who was coming in about every 5 weeks for single process color but she had developed allergies over the years. She would usually have reactions the following days after every color appointment, despite the low toxicity of the color we use. I suggested, when she was ready to start embracing some of the greys, that we start foiling color into her hair and stop putting color on her scalp. This is about a year since she stopped base color, and its so stunning. Now she comes in about 8-10 weeks and no longer has allergic reactions to the color.

A couple of things to note when transitioning with the foiling method, is you will have to get use to having lighter hair. Grey/Silver is essentially light or “white”. Amy was about two shades darker when she use to do all over color. But now when she has regrowth (roots), it’s hardly noticeable and blends very well with the overall lighter shade.

Grey blending foiling is the easiest way to transition out of doing single process/all over color. It’s a more gradual process and the adjustment period is minimal.

Now, one could decide they want to go fully grey and have the colored portion of their hair transitioned to match their roots, but this is an extremely lengthy and corrective process. While it’s doable, keep in mind that the hair will go through a process of bleaching, lowlighting, multiple toners, and some inches cut off the hair due to color buildup. Plus it’s not a one time deal. The hair will still technically be colored, so there is still maintenance necessary (albeit way lower maintenance) until it eventually gets cut from the hair. This article is a great example of the lengthy process (image below by stylist Jack Martin)

No worries if you aren’t ready to embrace your grey yet. I offer color kits for those who need frequent touch ups to cover grey but would like to space out their color appointments due to time and budget.

Come in for a consultation and let’s figure out the best, low maintenance color path for you. Thanks for reading!

Fall Season and Other News

Edit: Unfortunately, my assistant Taiya left 3 weeks after I posted this, so back to the drawing board.

A quick post for the fall season..

My favorite time of year will be upon us soon, and I look forward to all the beautiful chocolates, coppers, and warmer blondes that I get to transition my clients hair. Feeling like it’s time for a change? Check out some beautiful inspiration here:

I posted over the summer about changes to my service menu and want to reiterate that I’ve updated my price list and it will be implemented for all clients moving forward. Sample price list in the image below.

Feel free to reach out with any questions regarding price changes and budgets. I definitely have options for clients who need to budget and I’m always happy to consult ahead of time so there are no surprises. I do feel that my new service menu is much more straight forward and a reminder that you are not obligated to add gratuity.

In other news, I have hired a stylist (Taiya) that will be assisting me and offering a few services to start as we build momentum together. Having additional help will keep things running smoother, less delays, and free up some more appointment slots. She will be available to fill in as needed in case of last minute bookings for touch ups, haircuts, and blow outs, to start. More details coming soon.

I’m really excited about this new season of change and I truly believe that things will improve greatly for myself and all of my clients. I look forward to continuing to provide excellent service and I’ll see you all soon.

Updates and small changes to come

Well, half of the year has already flown by and I’ve found myself feeling that I need to go back to the drawing board a bit. I finally feel like I’ve figured out a good schedule to have (thank you clients who have been graciously putting up with my scheduled being varied while I went through a move to shorten my commute). I’ve settled on Tuesday-Friday, and it’s definitely better for me.

I’ve also been getting into a groove with hair extensions and sorting out the kinks to get my timing figured out, since it’s a whole new world for me. I’m really loving the results and I’m excited to build on that part of my business. I’m really favoring the K-Tip extensions since it fits into the low maintenance lifestyle that the majority of my clients have (they stay in the hair from 4-6 months, depending on home care). I’ve updated my price list to give a sense of the service cost, but hair purchase cost varies depending on volume of hair needed. So book your consultation if you are interested.

This first pic is a K-Tip volume install (about 2 1/2 bundles of hair) and about a 2 hour installation.

Another piece of the puzzle I’m tweaking is my service menu and the way I book appointments. I will be categorizing any kind of luxury, intensive highlighting/balayage/babylights, and/or transformation services into longer, solo appointments. Meaning you won’t be double booked and you will automatically be charged a firm hourly rate (no gratuity necessary). These services average anywhere between 2 1/2-5 hours, and can be split up depending on how gradual the transformation and budget. This will be ideal for new clients and clients who wait more than than 12-14 weeks for appointments. It’s become increasingly necessary for me to do this as things have gotten busier and I find myself trying to fit too many clients into shorter time blocks. Plus I don’t want my work or clients to suffer the consequences of being spread too thin. I think everyone will feel better with this change.

And Finally..

I have adjusted my maintenance pricing and there are increases there as well. However these will all be firm prices, as I am fazing out gratuities. Most of you will find that if you’ve been tipping (the majority of you have), the pricing will feel like a minor adjustment. Maintenance services are for clients who come in at least 4 times/year (no more than 12-14 weeks between appointments), otherwise I will default to my hourly rate. And please note that the maintenance menu is a la carte, so if you book a color and blowout, for example, you are charged for each service. You are welcomed to opt out of blowouts and dry your own hair at my blow dry station as well.

I’ll leave you with a couple of my favorite works, of late. Thank you for your continued support!

Happy New Year! What’s coming up for 2023

Hello all! I’ve been reflecting on the past year on a personal level and especially with my business. I’ve definitely hit a stride at the salon and feel solid about where I am presently, although I will be re-structuring a few things (I’ll get into that later in this post). I’ve spent the past year filling the space with some more furnishings and art, and it’s really coming together. I’m proud of it, actually. I really love and am grateful for the warm inviting space that my salon has become.

What’s on the horizon? The first thing, and I’m excited about this, is I will be taking a two day intensive course to learn Dream Catchers Hair Extensions. I’ll be learning all four methods to accommodate various hair types (K-tip, Weft, Tape-ins, and I-tip). This will be a wonderful addition to the services I offer and a fantastic option for clients that want to add length and/or density to the hair with natural looking results. I will officially add this service by March of 2023 and will update info soon.

A couple things I will be re-structuring. The first is my schedule which will change to Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday every week plus one Saturday/month. Effective February 2023. The second is my pricing menu. As of now, all my baseline prices will remain as reflected on the current menu. The adjustments I will be making will be for add-ons, such as extra color/toner, extra time, treatments, and extra foils with highlighting services. I will be updating my pricing menu to reflect what this means and what is included with the base prices and costs of add-ons. In addition I will be adding an a la cart/budget menu which will include a couple new express services and color kit options.

So with that, I just want to say how grateful I am for the continued support of my clients and the joy I get from what I do. I’m still taking new clients so feel free to text me at (559)-313-6545 to schedule your next appointment. Thank you!

Some favorites from 2022:

Is Your Hair Lacking Protein, Looking Dull, and Frizzy? Then Book a Cezanne Keratin Treatment

I’ve had quite a few clients over the last couple years grow concerned because their hair is not as healthy and manageable as it once was. I believe there’s a fair amount of pandemic stress at play plus a fair number of us have gotten Covid by now. The side effects from stress and illness can manifest through your hair. If you find that your hair is frizzy/unmanageable, brittle/breaking off, and/or you just want to get rid of the frizz and make styling much easier, then I highly recommend getting the Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment.

The Cezanne Keratin Smoothing Treatment is 100% Formaldehyde free and free from harmful toxins. It lasts up to 5 months. In addition to improving the health of your hair, you will find less need for heat styling. Plus those of you with curly hair may be more inclined to embrace your natural curl with minimal effort.

If you’d like to book a Cezanne Keratin Treatment, please allow 2 1/2-3 hours for your appointment. Price ranges from $250-$300. Text me at (559)-313-6545.

Updates and New Salon Info

Ok, first off, I cringe at myself for how much I’m lagging with updates on this site and social media in general. It’s been quite a whirlwind of a year. Mostly good overall, a bit of bad sprinkled in, some unexpected challenges, and a silver lining thrown in there. As 2021 is wrapped up, I’m pretty thrilled with the way things turned out, even though there is still work to do. And I’m incredibly grateful to my clients that have stuck with me through it all.

The main thing to note is I’ve relocated, again, to a bigger space. You’d think I love moving with how much I’ve relocated the last couple years. This last move, however, wasn’t my original plan, although it’s actually quite great in the long run. Long story short, I had built out a small two chair studio back in March. I was happy with that and was planning to settle in for at least a couple years, but there was a restaurant above me that developed a leaking problem and those leaks went right into my studio. After a few severe incidences, my landlord graciously offered me the space I am now occupying, and made it worth my while. This is the silver lining I’m referring to. The salon is a large, open, and a wonderful space that has great energy. I’m still working on the the finishing touches, which is why I don’t have pictures up yet. However, I’m definitely open for business. My goal is to have it fully picture ready and finished by March. I’ll try to get some progress pictures up sooner.

As far as general updates, I’m still offering color kits. However, I highly recommend a consultation in person, if you are a new client. I need to be able to formulate accurately. Please note that these kits are for root touch ups/color matching only. If you plan to change your color, it makes the most sense to have your hair professionally colored first, before attempting to maintain on your own. In general I advise having your hair professionally colored every third time, for best results.

As I wrap up, I’ll share some of my goals for 2022. Consistency with my website and social media. I may even get outside help with this one because left to my own devices, it’s tragic. Expanding my business which may include having an additional stylist work with me (still trying to figure this one out). Making my salon a beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming space. A place where clients relax and want to spend time. And just enjoying the process while I figure things out.

Stay tuned for more information as things progress.

Custom Touch Up Kits

This past year, due to the pandemic, I have offered custom touch up kits for those who couldn’t get into the salon, for understandable reasons. Given the success of these kits, I’ve decided to keep it as a permanent addition to the services I offer. While I do think it’s best to maintain your hair color in the salon, this is a great supplement for those who are on a budget, traveling, or do touch ups in between services. If you are interested in a kit and are not a regular client, I recommend an in person consultation for the best possible formulation result. Price options in the services/pricelist section of the menu.

New Space Updates and Pics

Well, not exactly new (opened early March), but I finally got it together to take a few pics. The great thing about having a private studio is that I can control the cleanliness of my environment. I find that staying COVID compliant is much easier and I only take one client at a time. I’m so grateful to have this space and I couldn’t have moved here at a better time. So if you’re looking for a nice, clean, and safe environment to get your hair done (using organic products to boot), please reach out! I’m always happy to take new clients. Text me at 559-313-6545 for an appointment. Stay safe and healthy.


Updates: New Location as of March and Circumstances Due to Corona Virus

Hey everyone! What a strange time we are living in right now. I hope everyone is staying safe and well while we get through this tough period. As we all know, non essential businesses cannot operate until at least April 30th, including salons. Hopefully things will start to look up by then.

I’ve recently moved back to a salon studio in the north DTC area as of March 3rd 2020. I decided, after trial and error over the last couple years that a private space is much better for me and my clients. It enables me to maintain a low chemical environment and retail organic products that coincide with the hair color I use. This is great news for clients with allergies and/or concerns about toxic chemicals.

New location: JP Organic Hair (inside The Modern Salon Studios) 8000 E. Quincy Ave. Ste. 121; Denver, CO. 80237

Given, as far as we know, I won’t be able to take appointments until May, feel free to reach out if you’d like to get on the books then. In the meantime, I will be offering custom color kits for root touch ups to get those of you through, who generally go to the salon for frequent visits. I can also customize glosses/toners as needed, and will have retail of hair care available. Details, pricing, and delivery options will be addressed in the next post.

As always, thank you for your continued support and for those of you who’ve reached out and checked on me. Let’s all try to stay positive through this time and help each other as needed. Be well and I’ll see you all in the not so distant future.