Instagram, Week One Goals, and Hair Inspiration

I’ve really got to up my social media game. I was very fortunate back in New York because I had built a clientele, had a business, and to be honest, I kept the business social media accounts active at a minimum. Meaning, enough to put the business on the map as far as google searches go. It’s easy to get lazy about social media when you already have a clientele. And that clientele was established before social media was the biggest tool for getting your name out there. But here I am in a new city starting over, and I have to admit, I’m freaking out a little. It’s like learning how to date again after being married for 12 years, and finding out you can only meet people on Tinder (which actually might be true). Or something to that effect..

I come from an era as a hair stylist where word of mouth was the best way to build a clientele. I’m sure that’s still one great way to build business, but if you aren’t a part of the social media community, you will definitely fall by the wayside. People research online, read reviews, and make decisions without ever visiting the establishment. And for what I do, it absolutely makes sense that pictures are the best advertisement. So here I am, getting ready to jump full throttle into the world of Instagram. I got advice from a 24 year old salon owner about using hashtags (yes, I didn’t even understand hashtags), and she told me that Instagram is like a game, and if played correctly, you can get a lot of new business. I felt like a dinosaur, but I have to admire someone so young winning the social media game, and a business owner to boot!

So here is my goal for the next week; I will post at least 4 different hair model pictures on my Instagram page. I’ve lined up a few people already (yay!). My focus will be on balayage highlights and styling. Inspiration below:


Wish me luck! Oh.. And follow me on Instagram

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