Updates and New Salon Info

Ok, first off, I cringe at myself for how much I’m lagging with updates on this site and social media in general. It’s been quite a whirlwind of a year. Mostly good overall, a bit of bad sprinkled in, some unexpected challenges, and a silver lining thrown in there. As 2021 is wrapped up, I’m pretty thrilled with the way things turned out, even though there is still work to do. And I’m incredibly grateful to my clients that have stuck with me through it all.

The main thing to note is I’ve relocated, again, to a bigger space. You’d think I love moving with how much I’ve relocated the last couple years. This last move, however, wasn’t my original plan, although it’s actually quite great in the long run. Long story short, I had built out a small two chair studio back in March. I was happy with that and was planning to settle in for at least a couple years, but there was a restaurant above me that developed a leaking problem and those leaks went right into my studio. After a few severe incidences, my landlord graciously offered me the space I am now occupying, and made it worth my while. This is the silver lining I’m referring to. The salon is a large, open, and a wonderful space that has great energy. I’m still working on the the finishing touches, which is why I don’t have pictures up yet. However, I’m definitely open for business. My goal is to have it fully picture ready and finished by March. I’ll try to get some progress pictures up sooner.

As far as general updates, I’m still offering color kits. However, I highly recommend a consultation in person, if you are a new client. I need to be able to formulate accurately. Please note that these kits are for root touch ups/color matching only. If you plan to change your color, it makes the most sense to have your hair professionally colored first, before attempting to maintain on your own. In general I advise having your hair professionally colored every third time, for best results.

As I wrap up, I’ll share some of my goals for 2022. Consistency with my website and social media. I may even get outside help with this one because left to my own devices, it’s tragic. Expanding my business which may include having an additional stylist work with me (still trying to figure this one out). Making my salon a beautiful, comfortable, and welcoming space. A place where clients relax and want to spend time. And just enjoying the process while I figure things out.

Stay tuned for more information as things progress.

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