Updates and Some Other Musings

Hey everyone! A little real talk here given it’s been awhile since I’ve posted. But first, I’ve been really happy with Original Mineral COR color these past few months, that I’m expanding on that color line as my primary color line. A few key notes about this color are:

  • ø No Ammonia
  • ø No PPDs
  • ø No Resorcinol
  • ø No Gluten
  • ø No Soy
  • ø No Animal Ingredients

The lighteners are fantastic too, and don’t do as much damage as traditional lighteners.

https://www.simplyorganicbeauty.com/organic-salon-products/original-and-mineral/cor-color/ (for more information).

..and now for some musings.

I have to be honest, the last 6-7 months have been rocky on most fronts, personal and work related. On the work related end, as far as Denver goes, I had maintained but hadn’t really expanded. Part of why I haven’t blogged here since April. I was highly considering moving back to NYC, while my marriage was slowly falling apart. I do believe that I was putting more energy into my New York work trips than I was here in Denver. And yes, my marriage has ended, and it is unfortunate that things turned out the way they did. But rather than uproot my life yet again, I’ve decided to give Denver and what I’ve established here a fair shot. And what’s not to love? Beautiful weather, really nice people, awesome clients, and everything I like doing is available here. Plus, I’m able to have my own little salon studio (which I’m incredibly grateful for). While life has thrown a few wrenches at me since I moved to Denver almost 2 years ago, I can definitely see how things can be great. I just need to put a little more positivity and intention towards it (and I’m working on that even as I write this). I’m looking forward to growing here in Denver and I embrace this new chapter.

To all the clients who continue to support my business, you have no idea how important you are and I thank you. To the new clients that come my way, I truly appreciate you choosing me for your organic color needs. I hope you all have a wonderful holiday season!

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