Location Change and a Bit of Reconfiguring

Here I am again, a few months since my last blog post, some more trial and error, and coming to the conclusion that I need to simplify my work life between here (Denver) and New York. I knew going in to renting a whole studio that it would be risky, given I had just a small following. As I approached my year anniversary, I decided to re-evaluate if things were working financially maintaining the studio here in Denver, and the frequency of my work trips to NYC. The conclusion I’ve come to? Basically, I need to cut back on the frequency of my time going to New York, and scale down here until I build up more business. That means I’ve decided to rent a station part time at Fuel salon in Highlands Ranch, and I’m now offering home hair services (house calls), to compensate for the limited schedule I’ll have at the salon. This makes the most sense to me economically, at the moment, and it enables me to sort other areas of my life out (been quite a year!). Other than location, my pricing and the color lines I use will remain the same. Some of you may find a house call ideal if you usually struggle finding a baby sitter or you work from home. If you have questions about what that entails, please text me! And know that I appreciate everyone who sticks with me through these transitions, because I couldn’t do it without you. My goal this next year is to build my business more in Denver, so my trips to New York are less frequent and more of a bonus rather than a dependency. Thanks for reading and happy Spring!

Text me for an appointment at (559)-313-6545.

New location:

Fuel Salon: 9579 S. University, Ste. 400C, Highlands Ranch, CO. 80126


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