Happy 2020!!

Man, 2019 went by fast and to be honest, I’m glad that year is behind me. I’m not entirely sure if I believe in time markers or if it matters. But for some reason I think this year will be better. Now, I’m not saying it was all bad. Let’s just say I’ve been working on personal growth, learning some big life lessons, all the while navigating the ups and downs. I switched locations back in May, and decided to rent a chair at Fuel Salon (Highlands Ranch location), after trying out a salon suite for a year. Both scenarios have their trade offs, but this makes sense for me right now.

As far as goals for 2020? I’d really like to refine my craft and perhaps try some new things (extensions?). I want to build my business. I want to put the majority of my energy back into my career and myself. I want more self care and less distraction. For the first time in a long time, I have no one but me to focus on and have no more excuses. For me, it’s death to stagnate, and I’ve been stagnant career wise for over a year. Mind you, I needed that part of my life to pause so I could grow on other levels. But when does pausing turn into procrastination? We can’t always wait for motivation. Sometimes we’ve got to just show up and do the work.

I suppose the point of me writing this right now is to put the intention out there. Plus, it’s been too long and my website needs some love ;-). I wish all you good folks out there a wonderful 2020. Here’s to showing up and making positive changes!

Now, here’s some of my favorite work from the year:



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